Product Description Screenshot
Version MD5 Download Supported
Force Byte Detector Anti-Adware program designed to eleminate unwanted applications 4.050 5ede51dd311a048c9f09ef3ab42d671e Force Byte Detector Anti Adware.exe Yes
Force Block Web block program designed to protect against unwanted websites (only works with Windows firewall) 1.400 25773cc7e21cb35079337bb4ba202e66 Force Block No
Startup Control View and remove startup items 1.400 9c8d3b4393be6b96fa39b2b0b1a11106 Startup Control.exe Yes
Cookie Control View and remove cookies from web browsers 1.300 4bf0798202533d3c5b5d0a6151199b6f Cookie Control.exe Yes
Force Check Organize and create your own tasks 1.100 3618fec43d34d31186de2f07fe9354bb Force Check.exe No
Force Login Quickly login on most websites! (Firefox only) (does only work on older versions of firefox) 1.100 eac34f49b9310f5983956fce0f9ba9fa Force Login.exe Yes
Force Launch Replace all the desktop shortcuts with this application 1.100 503d570c44ec12c77660308bef90b2b8 Force Launch.exe Needs an update
FCheck Organize and manage tasks or reminders 1.2 53b9366ee19cd615a190b9ae05c5135 FCheck setup.exe Yes