Date: 3-3-2017

After a long time and been very busy we will slowly update
Our applications on the website.

Stay tuned!


Date: 4-10-2016

We finally released our grand new update.
Force Byte Detector v4.000 is now available!

This new update contains two new modules: quarantine control and whitelist control and one new function unload dll. If a file or folder is deleted you can now recover it by using the quarantine module or whitelist files/folders which you do not want to be deleted.

And many more for more information please read the help files inside the application.

Date: 2-10-2016

Force Byte Detector is currently not available we are working on a new update so stay tuned this update will be very important.

It will contain an quarantine system and a whitelist system.


Date: 19-9-2016

We heard that one of our users had problems starting the Application Force Byte Detector. We found that the Application itself had some 32bit compatible issues

We have fixed these issues and improved Force Byte Detector.

This update is very important the release  notes can be read during the update.


Date: 6-9-2016

In this update we improved our path detection within the program and other small improvements.
Also you will notice an new display warning when an file or folder could not be removed!


Date: 30-8-2016

We released an another important patch that addreses some issues within Force Byte Detector. This update is very important to download!


Date: 29-8-2016

Today we released an update to adjust some settings in Force Byte Detector
We have removed the notification system from Force Byte Detector but we keep it in our detection module.

We did this so the scan can be faster and more efficiently then before!
Also we adjusted some bugs.


Date: 28-8-2016

Today we released an update to prevent some small issues within the software.
This is more likely an bug fix update.


Date: 26-8-2016

We have released version 3.150 of Force Byte Detector.
This update comes with some small stable improvements.
Also the Detection module will automatically download new signatures everytime
the module is starting up.


Date: 25-8-2016

We have created an blogpage so you can be notified here for the current changes about our products.

Today we released version 3.100 of Force Byte Detector yesterday we released version 3.000 which contains a lot of changes and new features.

In this version we had more focus on the bugs that we encountered testing the application. And some small improvements of the program itself.

During the installation you can view the update history of our products!

So stay tuned for more news in the future on this blogpage.


Date: 24-8-2016

Today we released an huge update for Force Byte Detector which is a long time ago.
But we are happy to say that our product is now better then ever!
We have many new improvements like an new module which can be turned on and off. Startup control integreted with Force Byte Detector and so much more.

Thank you for the huge support we have received!