About Acacia

Acacia is an essential application for daily usage which currently supports Windows and Android operating systems

Cloud Storage

Acacia uses cloud technology so your data is always accessible from anywhere

AES Encryption

Data stored on the cloud is encrypted with AES technology

Acacia Features

Why should you choose for Acacia? Acacia is free and offers a lot of functionality. Below shows a list the following features Acacia has to offer:

Create Notitions

Create notes which can be used for example as a reminder.

Create Tasks

Create tasks to make sure you do not miss an event or important task

Create Planner

Create your own taskplanner to make sure you know what you need to do while you are working for example on a project or school exercise

And much more...

Acacia clears your head reminds your tasks. And encrypts your data with AES technology

Working Flow
of Acacia

In the menu you can choose what you decide to do for example writing a reminder or some note



Currently no screenshots are available

Download Acacia

Acacia is currently under development for Windows and Android. We will announce when the software is available to download! IOS currently not available

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Acacia? We have listed some of the questions dow below.

  1. What is Acacia?

    Acacia is an application which is designed to control your daily tasks for your work or school.

  2. Is Acacia free for use?

    Yes Acacia is free for use you have to accept the terms of use if you want to use this service.

  3. How does it work and what does it do?

    Before starting you need to create a category this will be used as a tree root where tasks will be placed inside in this category. This is usefull so you can categorize amount of tasks for one job. This instruction is written for the Planner module inside the application.

  1. Possible to receive email notifications about tasks?

    Yes for the Windows application. To use email notifications you will need to setup your own email settings inside the program. If you use outlook or gmail you can automatically generate SMTP and PORT if you however do not use both of these providers You might need to manually insert the data inside the email form. This is only available for the Windows Application.

  2. What about my email information that is stored ?

    The email information that is stored is inside the user/user.dat location. The password in there is encrypted with (aes). This is only available for the Windows Application.

  3. My own private key?

    When you save the email settings the password will be encrypted with the special key provided within the program. However it is highly recommended to change the current key to your own. By doing this your locally stored email data is more secure. This is only available for the Windows Application.